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“If I had to run a company on three measures, those measures would be customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and cash flow.” —Jack Welch, Former General Electric CEO, author and chemical engineer

Jack Welch is one of the wisest business leaders of his generation. He reorganized and rebuilt General Electric (GE) in what became one of the strongest corporate turnarounds in history. Transforming an aging manufacturing giant into a business behemoth, Welch’s management style pushed employees to perform at their best. His vision for GE also strove to increase the company’s market share.

But cash flow sits alongside these two tenets of Welch’s business philosophy, signifying just how important it is to keep your company’s capital in good shape. Without happy customers and employees, you can’t attract and retain people to fuel your business. And without cash, you won’t have a business to fuel in the first place.



We Know Lighting & Rebates

NRG Pays is a new financing company comprised of seasoned lighting industry experts that not only understand retrofitting, energy conservation and operating a business but also finances and how important it is for businesses to have a healthy cash flow.



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