Financing For Installers

Material Purchases, Installation Outsourcing
and Utility Rebate Factoring

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Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash flow is king. If your business is thriving, we're doing our job.



Increase Revenues

NO MORE WAITING FOR UTILITY REBATE CHECKS! We'll advance up to 80% of the rebate application to you within 72 hours after paperwork submission. As low as 2%


Product Financing

Never pay for product upfront anymore! We source the product(s), arrange shipping and pay for the materials needed for the project. You pay us or the vendor after the job is done. As low as 0.1%


Installation Services

From the audit to quote to scheduling and installation, we've got it all covered! Just give us the information on the project and we're off to the races! Free service!



Sales Representation 代销服务

We have an army of experienced salespeople with existing relationships in the industry, why waste time with the inexperienced that need to overcome time zones and sleepless nights?


Project Partnerships 项目伙伴

Why not finance an installers project to get your name known? Once you're in a couple of well known projects and your product quality speaks for itself, you've got a great jumping stone to get into the market! Contact us now.


Debt Collection & Arbitration 债务催收和仲裁服务

We only get paid if we collect. If we get something back for you, no matter what we charge, it'll be better than not getting anything back.

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Here's what people are saying

These are real comments from real people about our the services we offer.

  • Eric Ellendorf
    I used to own my own lighting retrofit company, I thought this was an awesome service because I know what it's like to run your own business. Now I'm a partner :-)
  • Ken Kim
    I'll only use this service if I have no choice but I need to use a lot recently. Good to have options though.
    Ken Kim
  • Bill Diskin
    You guys took me to where I am! I had nothing and joined this factoring pilot program. It's been 2 months and I've done 15k consistently every week. Even though I don't need the factoring anymore, I appreciate all your help!
    Bill Diskin
    Ecogreen Lighting Solutions
  • Michael Han
    I was the top sales at my company and making my bosses rich. Now I'm doing it for myself!
    Michael Han
    Dafco Inc.

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