Hire additional sales, sign more projects and increase revenues now.
Submit your utility rebate through us and instead of waiting three(3) to six(6) months for the utility to mail a check, you can paid within 72 hours.

Cash Is King

As an entrepreneur, you know how important cash flow is to your company. With factoring, you get paid now which allows you to hire more sales and grow your business quicker.

Funds Anytime

Draw as little or as much as you want from your available credit line and keep a better handle on your funds. Connect with your personal consultant today.

Pay What You Use

If you don't use your line, there's no charge, no fees to maintain your line, no monthly maintenance fees and no account fees.We're not a bank so working with us is simple.

We Grow With You

Use factoring only when you need it. There's no long term obligation but we're always here for you. Your personal consultant is available via mobile phone 24/7.


1What is Factoring?
When a business sells its accounts receivable (invoice) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount. The action is called factoring and the facilitator is called a factor.
2Why don't other businesses factor Utility rebates?
There's no legal obligation for utilities to pay rebates to the applicant. If the utility budget runs out or they deem any problem with the job, they have no legal obligation to pay. Therefore, banks will not lend on a "Maybe I.O.U." because they have no legal recourse.
3Why are you able to factor Utility Rebates?
We work closely enough with the Utilities and thus understand the risk involved, more so than any bank could. Also, we're able to vet the work done are ask for corrections before submitting to the utility.
4When do I get paid?
Typically, within 72 hours after submitting the rebate application, via wire transfer.
5How much do you charge?
Depending on the ability to warranty the products used for a job and other factors, rates can be as low as 2%. For an exact rate, please contact your personal consultant.
6What happens if the utility doesn't pay?
All factoring agreements are full recourse. If non-payment is due to workmanship issues, installers will be asked to rectify the situation.
7What if the utility pays late?
We work closely with the Utilities to rectify problems and to get paid on time. If payments are delayed and not rejected, we will continue to wait for the payment with you.
8How do I know if the utility already paid?
Depending on the utility, there are different ways to check if the rebate check was issued.


Note: The information submitted through this form will not be shared with anyone beyond NRG Pays without your written consent. You can choose to use to use this form to submit your initial information or please feel free to contact us (click here) directly.
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